Bliss Poushtik -Multi Utility , Multi Grain powder- 400 Gms

Green Super Food Powered by Moringa Leaf Powder

  •  A perfect breakfast substitute.
  • A blend of 35 ingredients along with 14 sprouted pulses powered by Nuts & moringa powder.
  • Rich in Calcium, Iron, Protein and Fiber.

Preparation procedure of 200 ml Malt / Porridge :

STEP 1 : Take 200ml of cold water and mix with 65gms of ‘Bliss Poushtik’ Powder and make it smooth paste without lumps.

STEP 2 : Take 200 ml of Milk and 600 ml of water bring it to Boiling state.

STEP 3 :  Add smooth paste (Prepared in STEP 1) to boiling Milk and stir it for 4 to 5 minutes till you get the desired thickness.

STEP 4 : Add sugar / Jaggery as desired .

USAGE: ‘Bliss Poushtik’ can be used in Chapathi  , Dosa , Porridge & Snack mixes in desired proportion.

NOTE:  1. For flavour add Elachi and Ghee (Advised cow Ghee).

            2. Milk & Water proportion mentioned above for 1 litre porridge can vary as per individual choice

Other simple, Healthy &b Delicious Recipes with "Bliss Poushtik" :


  • Mix 400 grams of  "Bliss Poushtik"  to 1kg normal wheat flour
  • Prepare chapathi with this as usual , this are tasty & Nutritious.

Dosa :

  • Mix 4 ta spoons (20 gms) of "Bliss Poushtik" to 200 gms dosa batter and prepare plain dosa .
  • You can change proportions .
Add onions, coriander, chilli pieces to it for added taste.

Idly :

Add "Bliss Poushtik"  to idly batter as per your choice of proportions.

Kajji Kaya :

  • Use "Bliss Poushtik"  along with the kajjikaya stuffing for making it more Nutritous and tastier

Sunnunda / Laddu / Kheer / Payasam : 

  • Add "Bliss Poushtik"  to the roasted urad dal powder will making sunnunda / kheer / payasam add Bliss poushtik powder to kheer , payasam along with sugar to make  Nutritious and to enchance the taste.

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